Our App Designers

Our London app design agency provides bespoke web solutions to the customers around the world. Our app designers help entrepreneurs with innovative and forward-looking ideas to translate their vision into the first-class design with a disruptive technological potential. Our creative team consists of experts in app design, web design and UI/UX testers. And they gladly use their expertise and skills to help your website succeed.

Our designer’s team are experienced in:

  • Web Design / App Design – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android: our designers create a stunning visuality for your software program on any device.  
  • Layout design: an organisation of visual elements on a page, drafting of a future interface.
  • Graphics Design: a process of visual communication through the graphic forms, images and words that includes planning and projecting ideas.
  • UI Design: a visual presentation of the user interface and interactivity of the app.
  • UX Design: an optimisation of a tool for enjoyable and intuitive use.
  • Icon/Template Design: a design of a graphic symbol that represents your software product in the market and computer system.
  • UI/UX Testing: an evaluation of a product by testing it on users to see if it is user-friendly.
  • Logo Design: an implementation of your brand in the app to promote instant public recognition.  

Our designers strive to make some creative & exclusive projects. We are proud of our design and pay a lot of time to research the latest design trends and implement them into our work.

As an app design company, we bring a wealth of expertise and experience to native and web app design and development. We strive to keep up with cutting-edge technologies to build the best software for our clients.

We follow three major rules:

  • We create apps that users love. This rule helps our apps to stand out all the variety of the software on the market.
  • We remember that there should always be a way of monetization or increasing ROI for your company. We create opportunities to generate revenue with our software.
  • It should be a perfect combination of powerful functionality and user-friendly appealing design.

App Design & Development

On the Internet, the word “design” acquired several meanings becoming a polysemantic word. For one part of us, it is associated with graphic design and the look of the objects, including the layout and colours of a user interface.

For another – it’s the whole process of app creation.

So, here our app design agency presents the complete development process including UI/UX design.

  • An interview with a customer: identification of the company business objectives and client’s requirements;
  • Determination of project priorities: to get the best result of the least costs;
  • Research: we study similar projects of our competitors to find out what things should we keep in mind to make the software product better than its existing alternatives;
  • Portrait our target audience: according to it we build the logic and scalability of the project;
  • Mockup creation: a clickable draft of a program that isn’t functional yet but shows how app is going to work;
  • UI/UX design: our graphic designers create several layouts of the interface to choose the most attractive and user-friendly for this particular functionality;
  • An MVP: our software programmers code an app;
  • Testing and Improvement: QA team conducts multiple tests to identify and eliminate any bugs, we implement new changes in code and test again till it corresponds our corporate quality standards;
  • Release: we deliver the product to the customer and submit it to AppStore/Google Play.   

Business Apps Creation

The appearance of smartphones in the market and accessibility to Wi-Fi have made business owner to think about new ways to increase their productivity and improve customer experience. From small businesses to established corporations forward-thinking entrepreneurs strive to design an app for their business whether it is an enterprise software solution to streamline the workflow and improve internal collaboration or small business app which help to:

  • Reach the target audience across the globe and expand customer base;
  • Retain loyal client offering them 24/7 availability and rewarding them with exclusive promotions;
  • Enhance the traffic with the combination of mobile app, search engine optimization, and social media to get more visible and promote your brand;
  • Improve customer experience providing a beautifully designed app with a comprehensive functionality.

App development provides businesses with new opportunities to grow giving customers ability to get what they need with a tap of the finger.

Do you need Android or iOS app design?

Designing your own software can become a cost-effective investment that helps to boost employees’ productivity and to speed your business flow allowing users to accomplish time-consuming business operations by themselves with a click of a button on their smartphones. But if you are starting with only one platform you face with an important decision between iOS and Android platforms. Together both of them have more than 90% of the smartphone market share. While Android dominates the market share with over 80%, Apple iOS manages to generate more revenue with 85% for app makers. Besides, Apple users tend to stay with their iPhones while Android users are more often switch to another operating system. There are three main issues you should answer before making final choice:

  • What is your market: America, Europe, Asia or others?

Customers with higher income like in Europe and North America prefer premium smartphone market. Choosing Android you take advantage of emerging market like in Asia, Africa, and South America.

  • Do you plan your app monetization?

If you are going to implement in-app purchases or charging for your app usage you should keep in mind that average iOS user spends 45% more than Android one because iOS users spending power is almost five times higher.

  • What type of app do you need to make?

Apps can be simple and fulfill only informative functions, or can have a complicated functionality and be an additional market channel like in the case of retail apps. If you want to make a retail app, then the iOS platform will suit you more. iOS users are 10% more likely to make in-app purchases and 15% more likely to visit online retail sites compared to Android users.

As for costs, then it is relatively similar, but sometimes the variety of Android devices and brands can become the downside of this platform. It means that mobile app designers should spend much more time building an app that will look good and work well on all the screens sizes and resolutions what leads to extra expenses.

Where to find app developers in London: rent a freelance programmer vs. hire an app agency

The process of bespoke app development is complicated and requires code writing skills as well as special tools and equipment. And here are two main options for business company, who are looking for professional app designers.